Monday, September 10, 2007

A free TV On The Radio download

I need to thank dez for turning me on to TV On The Radio, the Brooklyn-based alt-rock band. I’ve been off the grid for too long, because TVOTR played on the Letterman show a year ago. They’ve been praised by Rolling Stone magazine. (Who knew there was a reason to read Rolling Stones since, like, 1982?)

AOL’s has a 30-minute podcast you can download (for FREE) with TV On The Radio performing stripped-down versions of three songs – “Wash the Day,” “Young Liars” and “Province.” The podcast includes an amusing interview with the band. Follow this link to get it.

You can also click here to hear this very cool version of “Young Liars” on my Vox blog. (I like it better than the studio version.)

I look forward to putting my eyes and ears on a lot more stuff from guitarist/producer David Andrew Sitek and lead singer Tunde Adebimpe.

Matter fact, I just downloaded a FREE MP3 – “Dumb Animal” – off the band’s MySpace page. (A little too harsh ’n’ noisy for my taste. But hey... it’s all about getting to know them.)

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dez said...

You're welcome :-) Glad you like them!