Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A free Porter Batiste Stoltz download

Speaking of the Meters, y’all need to know about Porter Batiste Stoltz, the Meters spinoff band that’s still out there doin’ it.

George Porter was the Meters’ founding bass player; Russell Batiste inherited the drum chair from Zigaboo Modeliste in the ’90s; Brian Stoltz, who formerly backed the Neville Brothers, replaced original Meters guitarist Leo Nocentelli.

So if you like old-school NOLA soul, I can point you to a FREE MP3 off their CD, “Expanding the Funkin’ Universe.”

The track is “I Believe.” You can preview it on my Vox audio stash by clicking here.

To download it, follow this link to the Porter Batiste Stoltz page at Go to the bottom where it says “MP3 Sample Tracks.”

You’ll also see a track called “All I Wanna Do.” But that file is funky in a bad way; only half the song will download. Which is a damn shame because it’s nasty. In a good way.

The “Expanding the Funkin’ Universe” album is available at iTunes.

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