Saturday, August 4, 2007

Something... ummm, unique from Tay Zonday

This peculiar young dude is burnin’ up the intertubes with his cheesy homemade songs and no-frills videos.

I doff my cap to Mr. Starks at Afronerd for turning me on to “Chocolate Rain,” a viral-video smash (3.5 million views on YouTube since April). Frankly, I could only sit through half of “Chocolate Rain.” And if Tay didn’t look so much like a pre-op Michael Jackson, I might not’ve lasted that long.

But the new video Tay posted nine days ago – “Internet Dream” – really speaks to me...

And if that ain’t enough Tay Zonday for you, visit his YouTube page for some karaoke performances and even a dramatic reading.


jena6 said...

This guy just had the Best Week Ever on Vh1; and Sherrod Small and John Mayer sang a remix of "Chocolate Rain". It was funny.

But I can't get too caught up, or else 40 years from now a therapist will be helping me recall repressed memories of Tay Zonday. )-:

You know, I think he looks more like Janet Jackson.

Undercover Black Man said...

The rules of fame have been rewritten.

jena6 said...

Speaking of fame, I wonder how many of his 15 minutes Zonday has left?