Thursday, August 2, 2007

Something inspired from Richard Cheese

Hat-tip to Jena6, who just pointed me to this gem in the “White singers, black songs” comment thread:


jena6 said...

That was quick! That's what I like about your blog, UBM. There's always fresh and interesting content. :thumbsup:

LeaNder said...

I was hesitating a bit, it's again quite a bit off topic:

Obama, Clinton Battle for Endorsements

Clever freshman summery.

“When I look at the different positions of the two candidates, I can see Senator Clinton’s position is, in fact, somewhat closer to the Bush position,” Hodes said in a conference call with reporters. His strategy is to “engage with appropriate preparation, from a position of strength, because we are strong enough to engage our foes in discussions without being or appearing weak.”

I don't have much time, so can only occasionally look in.

Can't you do an interview with Barak Obama? I love interviews. And you seem to be an expert.

susie said...

Wow. That's fun and I'm not sure what's more cheesy Richard and leapoard skin jacket or those lyrics. Presented in that swinging style the stupidity is hilarious.

ldglns said...

I love Richard love love him....thanks for that quick little uplifter.