Sunday, August 19, 2007

Something unnecessary from Elton and Betty

God bless the eccentrics. God bless the freaks and the weirdos. God bless the shamelessly exhibitionistic and the delusionally talented.

God bless Elton and Betty.

In ancient times before YouTube opened a direct portal into your home for every back-zit-popping white boy and queefing college chick in America... compulsive attention-seekers had to get on public-access cable TV. Like for instance this half-dressed husband-and-wife team, Elton and Betty White.

They write songs and sing them to ukulele accompaniment. One of Betty’s tunes is titled “The Little Dicks Fit Me Best.” Elton’s masterpiece is “I’m In Love With Your Behind.” The vidclip below features a portion of the latter.

Supposedly this public-access clip dates back to 1992. But Elton and Betty are still making music today. Check out their MySpace page for a complete version of “I’m In Love With Your Behind.”

Unless, of course, you have something better to do with your time. Like maybe popping a back-zit.