Tuesday, August 14, 2007

MBP of the Week: Spirit (Southwest Airlines)

Ahh, football season. The crack of the helmets. The smokin’ hot cheerleaders. The newspapers and magazines that can’t tell one black athlete from another.

Yep, I’m all about those Misidentified Black People. This one comes courtesy of Spirit, the in-flight magazine of Southwest Airlines. Its August issue features a “fantasy football” rundown – who’s hot, who’s not.

See this item on Edgerrin James (which you’ll also find at Spirit’s website)? That picture ain’t Edgerrin James.

That’s Steve McNair. This is Edgerrin James:

Unfortunately for the folks at Spirit magazine, they printed this boo-boo in a month when hundreds of black journalists would fly to and from Las Vegas for this year’s National Association of Black Journalists convention. (Womp womp.)

My thanks to Baltimore Sun sports columnist David Steele, who gave me the heads-up. Steele just now blogged about the MBP phenomenon his own self.


Plusha said...

Ok, but minus the hair, these guys do look a lot alike. Seriously, do they just look so much alike to me cause I'm white? They have the same nose and mouth and eyes. They do seem to be a different shade of brown from each other though.

jena6 said...

Guess they made a correction.

I'll never forget a telephone company (Ma Bell?) ad many years ago. It showed an illustration of people all across the globe talking on the phone. The operative word here is "people." For some reason their idea what a person in Africa looked like was represented by an ape.

Undercover Black Man said...

What correction, Jena6? They still got McNair's photo over E.J.'s name at the Spirit website.

And I'm not hip to the Ma Bell ad. Have you ever tried to track it down on the Internet?

jena6 said...

I clicked the Spirit link before, but I still see EJs photo. Perhaps, I too have caught the MBP bug? (That would be a flippin' shame.)

I did a quick internet search for the ad. (I don't remember the telephone company, MB is what comes to mind.) Maybe I'll try again.

jena6 said...

Crap! I keep thinking "McNabb!" I know what HE looks like. Sorry, I don't follow football. On a superficial level I only pay attention to the HOT players. :-P

Mike J. said...

I thought the person in the ad was Michael Vick. Isn't he the only black NFL player these days?