Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Concert: The Family Stand

Remember the Family Stand, who put out some nice soul music back in the ’90s? They’re still playing. Matter fact, their new CD – “Super Sol Nova” – was released in Europe last month. (It’s available on iTunes.)

Ever feel like Europeans got more love for American soul music than Americans do? Or is the Man just up to his usual shenanigans... making it hard on brothers and sisters who try to do something a little bit different?

Anyway... the Family Stand performed in February at an awards show in Amsterdam. I’ve embedded one song below – “Sweet Liberation.” If you’d like to see the complete six-song set, click here and enjoy it on


bill said...

Check out the German funk-soul of Poets of Rhythm. My favorite version of them would be the Whitefield Brothers. At a vox site I've put up their version of a Ravi Shankar tune, Thunderbird.

Undercover Black Man said...

Damn, Bill... that "Thunderbird" is a heavy track! I would've pulled my car off the road if I stumbled on that while driving.

susie said...

FINALLY got back with time to listen to the music!!

Love Family Stand and the only reason I can think that they get more play in Europe than here is because it seems like here music is funneled through a corporate filter and only the mediocre stuff gets through. I think that's why there's a burgeoning Blues scene in Europe and we barely get to see our own treasures in the U.S.

Thunderbird is completely and totally awesome. I've listened to it twice now it totally sounds like someone is rocking the bassoon.

I must own this. Thanks for sharing Bill.

George said...

Bold as L!VE will feature them at mid-month. :-)