Saturday, August 11, 2007

A free Branford Marsalis download

One day we’ll explore the curious musical landscape of Marc Anthony Thompson, one of those uncategorizable brothers who’s been toiling in the vineyards since the 1980s, unspeckled by the pixie dust of fame.

After releasing a couple of albums under his own name, Thompson did a conceptual reboot and now he records and performs as Chocolate Genius. He also composes film and theater music, as for Spike Lee’s 2001 PBS presentation of “A Huey P. Newton Story.” That project featured the superb sax man Branford Marsalis as guest soloist.

Would you like a FREE MP3 of a Branford Marsalis/Chocolate Genius collaboration? It’s a melancholy movement for soprano saxophone and keyboard (with other saxes overdubbed). To aid in your decision-making, I’ve uploaded it to my Vox audio stash. Click here, try it out, see if you want that bad boy on your personal hard drive.

If yes, you’ll need to execute a few simple steps. Hit Along the bottom of this main page, click the words “audio/visual.”

You will be presented with several downloadable tracks. The top one is labeled “Branford Marsalis vs. Chocolate Genius Inc.” Click it and the MP3 is yours.

Now let me thank photographer Richard Allnutt for permission to use his wonderful photograph above.

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