Monday, July 9, 2007

MBP of the Week: Los Angeles Times

The MBPs have been getting scarce in America’s newspapers since the end of basketball season. Now along comes a baseball-related Misidentified Black Person.

The following correction ran in yesterday’s Los Angeles Times:

“A caption with a photograph from the coming ESPN series ‘The Bronx Is Burning’... said it showed Daniel Sunjata portraying player Reggie Jackson. It was Bill Forchion, playing coach Elston Howard.”

(That’s Forchion pictured above. Sunjata is over here on the right.)

Big thanks to RP for letting me know about this. If you come across any MBPs, whether on TV or in a magazine or even on the Web, please do email me at the address on my profile page.


Anonymous said...

Daniel Sunjata is a joke. Here in his hometown of Evanston, Il. instead of being a stand up hometown hero he is known as a lowlife shmuck. He ran out on his two children mothered by different women - 6 months apart. The man has no credibility. He has been sued repeatedly by his baby’s Mamas and his children live on welfare. He only pays when he wants. He has a bad reputation of being a player and cheating on his girlfriend. He uses women for sex by conning them thinking he’s single and a political guy. If you’re looking for a hero real or fictional look elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Laughable! Daniel is a great man as anyone who truly knows him would attest. Go somewhere else with such drivel.