Friday, July 27, 2007

Elvis Mitchell interviews Kasi Lemmons

“This was a piece of material where trust has to be involved, because the characters are at the edge. ... Petey’s a very big and dynamic character, and so is Vernell, and they’re walking a fine line. For a lot of reasons, they had to trust me. And that made it that much more intimate...”

The movie “Talk to Me” opened nationwide today. I will have more to say about it tomorrow – and about the real Petey Greene (portrayed by Don Cheadle).

For now, I’ll point you to a conversation Elvis Mitchell had with the film’s director, Kasi Lemmons, on his KCRW radio show, “The Treatment.” The interview aired two weeks ago, but you can download it as a free podcast from iTunes. You can also hear it streaming on the KCRW website.

I’ve got a 40-second bite of it on my own Vox audio stash, with Ms. Lemmons talking about the gifted British-born actor Chiwetel Ejiofor, who plays the aspiring D.C. radio executive Dewey Hughes. Click here to hear it.


Anonymous said...

ol' Elvis was just on Entourage last week. did you see it?

too bad about that show, how it pretty much sucks and all now. Even the Ari scenes alone aren't enough to hold my attention.

Undercover Black Man said...

I missed that "Entourage," as I was travelling on a family matter. I've got to catch one of the re-showings.

I've never been an "Entourage" fan.