Monday, June 25, 2007

Mingus and Dolphy on UBM-TV

I bet that Google Video Bar caught your eye, didn’t it? That’s the Charles Mingus Sextet, including the great Eric Dolphy on alto sax and (spectacularly) on bass clarinet. It’s from an hourlong film titled “Charles Mingus: Live in Norway, 1964” (which isn’t available on DVD).

Dolphy died in Germany on June 29, 1964, not long after this Mingus tour ended.

Coming in mid-July will be a double-CD from Blue Note Records, “Charles Mingus with Eric Dolphy: Cornell 1964,” which also features Dolphy’s virtuoso flute-playing. I can’t wait.

UPDATE (07/01/07): Eric Dolphy’s bass clarinet solo is here.

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