Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bonus MBP: ABC News

Remember hearing about a D.C. administrative law judge who’s suing a Korean dry cleaner for a gazillion dollars because they lost a pair of pants? That guy is Roy L. Pearson, Jr., and his case has come to trial.

But when ABC’s “World News” teased its report on the lawsuit Tuesday night, it didn’t show video footage of Roy Pearson.

It showed video footage of former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry.


Click here to see the video for yourself.

This screw-up was first reported last night by Brent Baker at

This morning, posted the following correction:

“Tuesday’s 6:30 pm, ET feed of ‘World News’ mistakenly used video in the program’s open of DC council member Marion Barry instead of Roy Pearson. We immediately recognized the error and corrected all subsequent feeds of the broadcast. We are deeply sorry for this mistake and apologize to Mr. Barry, Mr. Pearson, and to our viewers for the error.”

My thanks to Calvin Padgett for pointing me to TVNewser, which also blogged about this doozy of a Misidentified Black Person.

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