Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Wide World of Whaaa? (vol. 1)

Here are some curious news items from distant lands:

Jha spilled blood for petty reasons – Times of India
“NEW DELHI: Chandra Kant Jha, the alleged serial killer… apparently told the police that the man whose torso was recovered near Tihar Jail’s gate number 1 on Friday was his associate, Dilip. According to the police, Jha killed him because Dilip did not stop eating non-vegetarian food after Jha had asked him to.”

(05/22/07) Complete article

Mobile technology sweeping Nigerians off their feet – Nigerian Tribune
“… Before the advent of [cell phones] in the country, Nigerians would travel long kilometres to other parts of the country just to confirm if their files had been treated in the ministries, their schools had resumed, or if the contract had been approved, and with the bad Nigerian roads, thousands lost their lives on such journeys.

“Now, all they need to do is to pick their mobile phone and dial. According to a civil servant, Femi Akande, ‘I can’t imagine how I survived, or how the country survived before the advent of the GSM. … A lot of lives have been spared from terrible road accidents because of GSM.’ ”

(05/23/07) Complete article

‘Yes to Chess’ message – Guyana Chronicle
“Persons undergoing therapy at the Salvation Army’s Drug Rehabilitation Centre at Kingston, Georgetown, were yesterday reminded to say ‘No to Drugs!’ and ‘Yes to Chess!’ …

“At the one day seminar, it was recognised that there is no known cure for substance abuse, and emphasis was placed on nourishing the minds of addicts with healthy distractions and encouraging them to associate themselves with productive pursuits.”

(05/23/07) Complete article

Businessman jailed for baseball bat attack – Melbourne Herald Sun (Australia)
“A Sydney businessman was today sentenced to four months’ jail for destroying a solicitor’s office with a baseball bat.

“Jim Byrnes, 47, pleaded guilty in Downing Centre Local Court to charges of affray, malicious damage and possession of an offensive implement. …

“Byrnes’ lawyer Wayne Baffsky told the court his client was not normally a violent man and had experienced a ‘brain snap.’ …

“But Magistrate Paul Lyon said Byrnes had reverted to his old violent behaviour as a debt collector.”

(05/23/07) Complete article

‘One-eyed dragon’ given death sentence – Channel NewsAsia
“SINGAPORE: Tan Chor Jin, better known as the ‘one-eyed dragon’ because he is blind in the right eye, was given the death penalty on Tuesday morning.

“Tan, 41, had been on trial for shooting nightclub owner, 40-year-old Lim Hock Soon, at his Serangoon flat last February.

“Tan had fired six shots at Lim with a .22 calibre pistol. …

“He claimed the gun had misfired.”

(05/22/07) Complete article


ItAintEazy said...

So you've decided to become a tabloid site, I thought you were better than that :p

Undercover Black Man said...

It's a brotherhood-of-man thang, dude... Bringing humans together, it's what I do.