Thursday, May 31, 2007

N-E-G-U-S (spelled just like it sounds)

So I just turned on the National Spelling Bee on ESPN, right? A little redheaded white kid was at the microphone and – swear to God – they asked him to spell “niggas”!

Well, it was pronounced “niggas,” but the word turned out to be “negus.” And the redheaded kid didn’t know this word. He had to guess. It was totally like that ”naggers” routine on “South Park.”

And Opie got it right, too. He looked shocked as shit! I bet that video clip will become a YouTube sensation, y’all. I know I wanna see it again… like, right now!

Speaking of negus, I’d better go back to my TV set and see if there are any still in the competition. (Rooting for the black kid in a spelling bee is like rooting for the white boy in a boxing match.)

UPDATE (06/01/07): Multi-thanks to loyal reader SJ, who found the N-word video on YouTube this morning! Here it is:

I caught about that much of it when I turned on the TV yesterday. Now I wish someone would post the lead-up to this moment, when the word was first announced and pronounced and defined, etc. I wonder if there were any sniggers amongst the audience?

UPDATE (06/02/07): As for my prediction… this vidclip is logging 10,000 views a day on YouTube. You go, Opie!


Eric said...

Actually, there was a strong Jamaican contingent, but I think they're all out.

But you can hardly call this a White-dominated event.

SJ said...

Us Asians always dominate these events.

dez said...

According to, "negus" is pronounced nē'gəs or nĭ-gōōs'; no wonder the kid was confused! :-D

LeaNder said...

Completely off topic. May I drop my waste here?

Horowitz the PopCulture Spider sitting in the center of his peculiar net.

Are Latino gangs targeting blacks for "ethnic cleansing"?

In a new article for Colorlines magazine, PRA research director Tarso Luís Ramos takes on a deluge of news stories claiming that Latino gangs are "ethnically cleansing" their African American neighbors in Los Angeles. Yet, Ramos argues in "L.A. Story," while there is some racially motivated violence, it is far from "ethnic cleansing" and progressives should stop promoting the myth. In fact, one of the key proponents of the idea contributes book reviews to the website of right wing culture warrior David Horowitz. And the media distortion both fans the flames of racialized conflict and builds the Right's power as the Minuteman and other anti-immigrant forces attempt to highjack our understanding of the disturbing gang conflict in L.A. neighborhoods.

dez said...

From the article leander posted about: Rafael’s characterization resonates with a popular racist Reconquista conspiracy theory, peddled by the Minuteman Project and other anti-immigrant groups, which holds that Mexico is infiltrating its citizens into the Southwest with the goal of reclaiming territory conquered by the United States in 1848.

They believe that? Seriously? Are these immigrants led by Machete by any chance?

Very interesting article, leander. While there is a lot of racial hatred between some black and Latino gangs, I sincerely doubt there is any "ethnic cleansing" going on. Hernandez, Rafael, et al should be ashamed of themselves for fomenting this kind of racial hysteria.

S.O.L. said...

You're a riot, UBM. You get me thinking, which is good and you get me laughing, which is better and even when you get me to thinking, you get me laughing the hardest.

Like Nicholas Styx. The guy is a joke and a racist. No wonder he believes all that shit he spews. His take on the Yacub Ali 7 nonsense is amazingly myopic.

Anyway, I just can't get through the day without my daily dose of UBM, so let me thank you.

Oh and by the way, I dig the new shot of you. All in a suit and shit, too. :-D

LeaNder said...

Hi Dez,

It's actually LeaNder: were leader stands for the German: Fuehrer and "N" for NO, but unfortunately it does not work here. This is my first day without time to read either UBM nor James Wolcott, but I guess I can pick up on matters tomorrow. They are both definitely addictive.

And I need to find out how to link here. Basic html?


Undercover Black Man said...

LeaNder: Do you mean how to use hyperlinks in the comments section?

Then yes, basic HTML, like so:

[a href="URL"]TEXT[/a]

Using, of course, < > instead of [ ].

(It's hard to demonstrate without the software rendering it as an actual link.)

sherifffruitfly said...

(Rooting for the black kid in a spelling bee is like rooting for the white boy in a boxing match.)

They used to say that about tennis.

And then they used to say that about golf.

One wonders why they bother saying it anymore.

Fuck that - I can match any white man or woman brain cell for brain cell. Speak for yourself.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ I can't tell how mad you are at me, Sheriff. But on the real side... you can't pretend that the near-total absence of black kids at the top levels of the National Spelling Bee, year after year after year, signifies nothing.

And getting pissed off at anyone who points it out won't change reality either.

Why doesn't black America churn out elite spellers the way it churns out elite athletes and elite singers. ("American Idol"? Yeah, we run that. Chess? Not so much. Wasn't until 1999 that a black American attained the rank of International Grand Master.)

dez said...

Sorry, LeaNder. BTW, I'm just dez. All lower case because I was cranky that day.

Undercover Black Man said...

S.O.L wrote: "I dig the new shot of you. All in a suit and shit, too."

Why thank you. I attended my first bar mitzvah celebration in that suit, a couple of weeks ago.

Dee said...

What, in your opinion, explains the dearth of black kids in the upper echelon of the 'Bee?

SJ said...

I got video for y'all here.

The reaction is pretty funny.

Undercover Black Man said...

SJ, you're the best! Thank you thank you thank you!

God, that is so funny...

Anonymous said...

should that not be "snegus" from the crowd? ;)

LeaNder said...

Sorry dez, I noticed but it was too late.

dez said...

^ No worries!

European American said...

Don't offend my people. I'm talking to YOU.