Friday, May 11, 2007

Bob Marley speaks

“Everybody know that we don’t deal with politics… we is Rasta, you know? … You’re not a voter, so you’re like sitting on the fence. So if you go up on the fence, you can get shoot at. From any angle…”

To honor the anniversary of Robert Nesta Marley’s passing, I bring to you his living voice. Click here to hear his 7½-minute interview for British radio in 1980.

This track is available for download through eMusic and iTunes, part of a Capital Radio album called “In Conversation With…”

I’m also pleased to present the image above, an airbrush painting by an artist known as Rage of Reason. (You can see more of his artwork here. He also writes poetry under the name Unda; his poetry is here.) I thank him for granting me permission to reproduce this portrait.

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