Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Playlist: Tribute to James Brown

James Brown. That’s all you need to say. I had the privilege of interviewing the Godfather in 1990. My tapes are on the opposite coast, so it’ll be a few weeks before I can post a transcript here. Meanwhile, here’s a playlist of eclectic James Brown tribute songs.

Since as far back as 1970 and Gylan Kain’s spoken-word piece “James Brown” with the Last Poets, musicians across the stylistic spectrum have honored the man in song, by name. I mean rockers, not just funkers. Singers, not just rappers. The following tracks are all available on iTunes; most are also on eMusic (which I love). Or you can see where the links take you...

1. "Diggin’ On James Brown" – Tower of Power (4:38)
2. "J.B. in Oakland (Pass the Peas)" – Delta Wires (6:06)
3. "James Brown" – Robert Fairweather & Luv Machine (3:23)
4. "I Love James Brown" – Cynthia Manley (5:31)
5. "James Brown" – Malcolm’s Before Mecca (4:04)
6. "The J.B. Groove" – Julien Kasper Band (5:09)
7. "James Brown" – The Hancock Band (4:29)
8. "James Brown Band" – Uncle Max’s Cosmic Band (4:01)
9. "Tribute to James Brown" – Stevie Hawkins (7:38)
10. "James Brown!/Iron Man" – Victor Wooten (7:46)

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