Saturday, November 3, 2007

Are white people inherently evil?

Black nationalism is an irrational ideology because it depends upon the gross exaggeration of white people’s wickedness... and black people’s nobility.

Consider a recent comment left on this blog by Michael Fisher. Regarding the two Nigerian newspaper columnists who have proclaimed that blacks are intellectually inferior to whites, Fisher presents this rhetorical either-or:

“If the [Global System of White Supremacy] doesn't exist and black people have not been able to make a go of it in half a century all around the globe, clearly something must be wrong with them. ... [A]bsent an outside retarding influence it must be a problem of genetic inferiority.”

Fisher’s assertion that black Africans are either innately dumb or else victims of a sinister global conspiracy to keep them down... first of all, it’s shoddy reasoning. Couldn’t blacks be innately dumb and victims of a white-supremacist conspiracy?

In other words, accepting Fisher’s premise that there is an effective Global System of White Supremacy [GSWS] does nothing to prove or disprove the proposition that blacks collectively are less intelligent than whites.

Indeed, if Fisher is correct when he declares – as in his current online debate with Cobb – that white supremacy is “the sole and overwhelming paradigm in humanity’s existence. [It] knows no borders, it knows no bounds, it rules directly and indirectly”... well, that raises a couple of questions:

What is necessary for a group of people to conceive, implement and maintain for centuries an effective system of world domination? Intelligence perhaps? Hello!

And what’s lacking in another group of people – those identified as “black,” who were architects of great ancient civilizations – that they now find themselves, everywhere on Earth, utterly controlled by whites and their “supremacy system”? How’d they fall for the okey-doke?

This element of black-nationalist thought – ceaselessly overstating the impact of white racism – runs the risk of calling attention back to the old superior/inferior dialectic. This is a rhetorical problem. How can you say that Whitey rules everything around you... without giving Whitey the credit for being smarter?

The solution: White people must be evil.

The Nation of Islam, for example, constructed a full-blown demonology (complete with creation myth) to explain why the “white blue-eyed devil” is on top.

Afrocentric professor Leonard Jeffries popularized the notion of whites as “ice people,” evolutionarily inclined towards violence and cruelty, compared with melanin-endowed “sun people” who are warm and empathetic.

Michael Fisher, on his blog recently, wrote: “[W]hite racism/supremacy is nothing but a death cult. They worship death.

“... A dead white man nailed to an ancient torture/execution instrument hanging everywhere, the spending of hundreds of billions of dollars on wars.... The whole society is permeated with the stench of death and decay.”

Poet Haki Madhubuti, in the audio track I uploaded earlier today, makes his own reference to “the faces white with death.” White men as “the enemies of the world.”

Cruel, devilish, death-worshipping white folks, dominating the world and keeping the black man down. Don’t you hate that? Don’t you hate them?

But now, see... having constructed this monstrous white enemy and exaggerated its power and influence... damn, how can you fight that? How could you possibly defeat a system so vast, an enemy people so effective in their designs, so ruthless in their ambitions?

Shit, you know they invented AIDS and turned it loose on the world, right? What won’t the white supremacist do? What couldn’t he do? And you’re going to fight him with what... a poem? A blog? A guerrilla army? Whitey got nukes, bitch! Think he don’t?

In the end, black nationalists, for all the mental energy they’ve invested in researching and comprehending the Global System of White Supremacy, are left with one intangible asset: their hatred of white people. And a cheap asset it is.

Click here and listen to a 1970 poem titled “Kill” by Anthony Hamilton of the Watts Prophets.

(By the way, the Watts Prophets grew out of Watts Writers Workshop, which was founded by a white man, Hollywood screenwriter Budd Schulberg, after the ’65 riots.)


Anonymous said...

Somebody more knowledgeable than I should examine the symbiotic relationship between white conservatives, including flat-out racists, and the various strains of crackpot black nationalism. "Black Conservatives" and "Black Nationalists" often sound exactly alike. After all, didn't Clarence Thomas name his son "Jamal"?

SJ said...

I don't understand this whole "Global White Supremacy" idea. The two richest men in the world now are Mukesh Ambani, who is Indian, and Mexico's Carlos Slim Helu. Does that piss Bill Gates and Warren Buffett off?

odocoileus said...

I like Debra Dickerson's take on the question:

To be white in America is to be privileged, and no one willingly gives up privilege. This isn't because white Americans are evil, it's because they're human.

Once you break it down into who's privileged and who's not, you can let go of racial fantasies.

As you go around the world, colors of the uniforms change, and so do the team names, but the game remains the same. Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland. Serbs and Croats in Yugoslavia. Sunni and Shia in Iraq. Hutu and Tutsi in Rwanda. Full blooded Japanese versus ethnic Koreans. The elites versus the masses in Russia.

Here in the States, we think in terms of who's "black" and who's not. That is, we pick an arbitrary point on the color/hair continuum, and draw an imaginary line. Everyone on one side of the line is "black". Everyone on the other side is not. Makes sense to us, seems crazy to just about everyone else. We have faith in it like religion.

No one else in the world draws the lines quite the way we do. But they all draw lines. And they all have quasi religious faith in their particular style of line drawing. "Of course we had to march into their town and burn down all their houses. They're Serbs, and besides, they would just do the same thing to us."

Makes sense to them, seems crazy to everyone else.

There ain't no universal brotherhood of white folks. There ain't no universal brotherhood of black folks neither. White folks were killing each other for fun and profit for thousands of years before they got around to Africa. Africans, starting out behind in the slaughter-your-own-kind sweepstakes, are doing an excellent job of catching up.

When good old Julius Caesar boasted about killing a million Gauls, he may have been upping the body count to look more bad ass, but he sure wasn't playing neither. Neither were the white American bomber pilots, many of German ancestry, who fired bombed Dresden.

estiv said...

odocoileus, that's good stuff. I grew up in a part of the world where the rednecks were the real thing. Somewhere along the line I came to understand that if a redneck was defined as someone too ignorant to understand that his own ethnic/social group was not the center of existence, then there were rednecks everywhere. I'll have to check out Debra Dickerson.

Nope said...

Well said odocoileus, well said. I often listen to various internationals boast that the racism in the US doesn't exist in their own country. I have various examples to silence them. It is a matter of class, not "race."

Undercover Black Man said...

Well said indeed, Odocoileus.

bklyn6 said...

To be white in America is to be privileged, and no one willingly gives up privilege. This isn't because white Americans are evil, it's because they're human.

I like the ideology of humanness as expressed in the African unifying philosophy of Ubuntu.

It's a hard word to define; but in essensce it says: "A human being is a human being through (the otherness of) other human beings." In other words: "To be human is to affirm one's humanity by recognising the humanity of others in its infinite variety of content and form."

I guess this is why I love journalist Robert Jensen's writings especially when he writes on race, racism, and white privilege." He seems to get this idea of humanness.

In "The Heart of Whiteness" he writes: "To be fully human is to reject a system that conditions your pleasure on someone else's pain."

He also says: "I want to be able to dream of being a human being instead of a white person." He wants to find a way out of this social construct that is whiteness so that he can "claim [his] own humanity."

I don't think he's saying white people are "inherently evil," just that they are not fully human if they perpetuate white supremacy and deny the humanity of non-white people.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ I'm not familiar with Robert Jensen. I need to read up... I'm interested in whole white "anti-racist" movement, and have read some Noel Ignatiev... I don't know quite what to make of that whole thing...

DeAngelo Starnes said...

Dave, I think your perspective on Black Nationalism was too generalized. Actually, generalized to the point of caricaturism. Behind a lot of the rhetoric of Black nationalism is concrete, objective, empirical evidence. Recognizing that last sentence in itself was a general statement, I will try to specify without writing a paper.

Black nationalism is/was a philosophy of rebellion against white power's stereotyping and dehumanization of Black people. A lotta history has been left out, distorted, or out right lied about in the media and education systems. Black nationalism is/was a movement that attempted to neutralize and reverse this mis- and de-education about Black folks, their history, and their de-humanization.

It's too simplistic to equate Black nationalism with the Nation of Islam's misogynostic, chauvinistic, base outlook on race relations. Black nationalism goes beyond celebrating Kwanzaa and wearing an African medallion. Black nationalism is a "pull yourself up by the bootstraps" philosophy and an expression against the racial hatred that continues to exist even though there are more Black millionaires now more than ever. In fact, it recognizes even though there are more Black people making more money than ever, there are more white people making even more of it. And that's the reality.

When you talk about Black nationalism, you have to go beyond the Nation of Islam, Leonard Jefferies, and even Al Sharpton. You're talking about Black abolitionists such as Frederick Douglass, David Walker, and Henry Highland Garnett. You're talking about historians such as W.E.B. DuBois, John Henrik Clarke, and John Jackson. You're talking about essayists such as Cornel West, Michael Eric Dyson, and Ralph Wiley. You're talking about satirists such as Richard Pryor, Dick Gregory, and Paul Mooney. You're talking about artists such as Max Roach, Langston Hughes, Ossie Davis, Paul Robeson, and Chuck D. You're talking about politicians such as Adam Clayton Powell, Maxine Waters, and John Conyers. Of course, you're talking about galvanizing figures such as Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, and yes, Martin Luther King.

Black nationalism goes beyond "whitey is evil" and "Africa is the shit." It attacks race and class issues from a variety of perspectives for the purposes of Black unity, protest, and awareness.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ DeAngelo, I was hoping you would step into this. Thanks. This can be the beginning of a great conversation.

I must man a picket line soon, or else I would devote my day to clarifying my thoughts on this subject.

For now, let me say: I think you've expanded the definition of "black nationalism" to include every aspect of the black freedom struggle, from abolitionism forward.

That is way too broad. Cornel West, for example, is explicitly anti-nationalistic; he is a social democrat and a pluralist.

"Nationalism" is not generalized opposition to racism. It is a specific ideology which equates one's "people" with a "nation"... and it idealizes "self-determination" by means of the modern nation-state.

Thus, Jewish nationalism (Zionism) -> the state of Israel.

South African nationalism (ANC) -> black rule in South Africa ("Azania").

Afrikaner nationalism -> the desire for Boers to have a piece of land they can govern independently.

Indian nationalism -> the anti-colonial struggle to establish India as a self-governing nation.

White nationalism -> the desire of whites to create a whites-only nation.

Kurdish nationalism -> the desire for a land to govern and call their own... a Kurdish nation-state.

Puerto Rican nationalism -> the desire for independence from the U.S.

The heart of my position is: the black American freedom struggle need not be nationalistic. (Up into the early '60s, the mainstream of the black freedom struggle was devoted to "integrationism" -- full and equal participation in the American nation -- not devoted to the idea of black people as a separate nation (which idea unites the NOI, BPP, academicians such as Len Jeffries, etc.).

Indeed, there are moral and pragmatic reasons why the black struggle shouldn't be nationalistic.

Unknown said...

Have to agree with DeAngelo here. What up, Dee, by the way?

All the people Dee named would also describe themselved as black nationalists. Many of them have as much contempt for the radical nationalism that you attack, but they are too nationalists in the sense of seeing that any universalism first comes with people having a sense of their own worth within the universal. And that means shoring up your own house mentally, physically, spirtually, economically and politically before you join the rest of the world in a group hug. That's creating a black nation. Self love not extended hate.

DeAngelo Starnes said...

^ E-Money was in DC for Homecoming. Either I missed you or was to drunk to remember we rapped.

E, I think you caught the gist of what I tried to get across.

Dave, you made some good points in your response to my post and your general blog. However, I think you are identifying a subset of Black Nationalism that, since we are conversing in labels, might best be described as "Black separatists."

I think, practically speaking, most African Americans who consider themselves Black Nationalist, are in no hurry to rush back to live in Africa. Similarly, some Black Nationalists might prefer to live in a Black community but they ain't in hurry to parcel out a portion of the U.S. and call it Black America.

To your point about equating nationalism with identification of land, African Americans are in a unique position. For the most part, they have adopted English, or Spanish, as their native language. Actually in Black Nationalist thought, and more accurately speaking, these languages were imposed on them. And just this basic imposition of how one communicates is a recognition of a white supremacist notion.

Now when I mention "white supremacy," I'm not talking KKK or David Duke. I'm talking about domination. And when you think about the system of white supremacy, it goes beyond "well those white guys must be smarter than us or else we wouldn't be in this position." Likewise, it goes beyond "those whiteys are some evil ass bastards." You're speaking more about domination and subordination. And the roots of the way that system was established is slavery in the Western Hemisphere.

Now again, I'm not trying to write a book and will await your response to engage more specifics, but Black Nationalism is a response to slavery at its foundation. And the reality is that Black folks have been told they weren't shit for the longest - and still get told that just in more sophisticated ways. And not only get told that but have actions against them as an expression of that idea.

Black Nationalism fights against that. But the overall goal is equality and fairness. It's about keeping true to the words embodied in the Declaration of Independence - that all people are created equal with the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It's the pursuit of happiness where most of the hold-back occurs.

Keep it going.

BTW, much props for solidarity on the picket line. My primary job is with a union. Collective action to ensure fairness in the distribution of wealth. Unions get a bad rap because of too many mafia movies. But that's another discussion - maybe another blog topic?

Undercover Black Man said...

We will keep it going, DeAnge, over the long term.

Short term, my soft ass got worn out by a mere four hours of picketing. But that'll change. Right now I'm about a long soak in the bathtub.

DeAngelo Starnes said...

^ Dave, LOL! I understand. Props remain extended.

I like the provocative nature of examining Black Nationalism. You gave me some food for thought as a unapologetic Black Nationalist. I like the perspective and questions you posed. It's rode my mind a bit.

Sorry I didn't chime in sooner because this was my kind of thang. Got caught up trying to manage post-vacation fires, little league football (we lost the conference championship), and wife-son birthdays two days apart last weekend. Appreciate the topic and forum for expression. Keep it up, Undercover Black Man.

Undercover Black Man said...

Thanks again, DeAngelo.

Bringing up your son... that reminds me to say:

Nothing has given me more faith in America than to see the young kids of my various nephews, cousins and close friends.

Many of them attend private schools. Most of those kids' grandparents grew up lower-middle-class in segregated Washington, D.C.

Today, those kids I would put toe-to-toe against anybody in terms of their future prospects.

You've got a law degree. Which means your son is growing up in a home where black intelligence and black success are taken for granted.

Don't you feel in your bones that your son will out-compete 95 percent of white American kids... in the game as currently constituted?

I would put the same question to Craig Nulan (M.I.T.) and Michael Fisher (Yale). Under this so-called Global System of White Supremacy, I would bet cash money that Nulan's and Fisher's kids will out-compete 95 percent of white American kids.

So again I ask: This is a system black people must work to dismantle... why?

cnulan said...

This is a system black people must work to dismantle... why?

Because it's unsustainable and on the road to catastrophic ruin and threatens the future prospects of all children?

Structural problems with existing governance which prevent it from ever being sustainable.

We presently live in a mixed economy with elements of socialism, capitalism, democracy, republicanism, and liberalism, which makes is extremely difficult to explain how our present political system would vary from an ideal system.

Nevertheless, it's easy to illustrate a concept here concerning two different forms of government: one that "plans" and another which "bargains."

Suppose you are governor of a small tree-covered island that has a
government which "bargains." Your planners tell you that your people need trees for boats to catch fish, so your trees are part of your life-support system, so you have passed a law which makes it illegal to cut trees for anything but boats.

Then one day a priest comes to you and says he needs a permit to cut down 100 trees so he can quarry statues and please the gods. Since you are a "bargaining" government, you tell the priest "you can't have 100 trees, but you can have 50." The priest is happy, you are happy, and there are 50 less trees on your island. This process of "bargaining" and excess tree loss, occur over-and-over until there are no more trees left on your island - and then most of your island's population dies of starvation.

Now suppose you are governor of a small tree-covered island that has a government which "plans." Your planners tell you that your people need trees for boats to catch fish, so your trees are part of your life-support system, so you have passed a law which makes it illegal to cut trees for anything but boats.

Then one day a priest comes to you and says he needs a permit to cut down 100 trees so he can quarry statues and please the gods. Since you are a "planning" government, you say no.

Since the US is a "bargaining" form of government, it has no way to stop destroying its life-support system, and therefore must end in dieoff like Easter Island.

In the US, money is a form of political power and all the people who have political power are literally "addicted" to economic growth. Moreover, both "bargaining" and "private property" are "genetic" so the political changes necessary to mitigate dieoff in the US and avoid catastrophic collapse are for all practical purposes, impossible.

You spent enough time at my blog the other night to know that my response would be carefully considered.

Undercover Black Man said...

Since the US is a "bargaining" form of government, it has no way to stop destroying its life-support system, and therefore must end in dieoff like Easter Island.

I can't argue with that kind of reasoning. And I mean that literally.

Good to know I shook your shit up, though, Craig.

odocoileus said...

How do Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Richard Parsons, and Stan O'Neal fit into this?

How do my cousins who are Ivy educated ER docs and M & A lawyers fit into this? We're all descendants of African slaves and dispossessed Natives. Our ancestors suffered terribly under elaborately worked out systems of white supremacy. I can't really say the same for us, unless I want to trivialize my ancestors' loss.

What about the sister who jumped in her car and ran over another sister, in fight they were having over some man in South Central yesterday? Were white people making her do it? Or was she exercising the unprecedented amount of personal freedom available to Americans of all races?

I maintain it's the freedom that's so burdensome. It drives a lot of us, white and black, crazy.

DeAngelo Starnes said...

I thought the topic was about Black Nationalism rather than the existence of global white supremacy.

In any event, my son's ability to outperform 95% of white children in his age range (a huge assumption) doesn't mean he will get an equal shot to earn a living if (a) he is a victim of racial profiling or (b) a victim of the glass ceiling. The system of white supremacy has a presumption of guilt against nonwhite persons and overlooks objective, credible empirical evidence of merit of nonwhite persons. There is an inherent prejudice that will require a book, rather than a blog post, to dissect.

Black nationalism fights against these prejudices and presumptions. And it has more to do with instilling pride and knowledge and confidence to work within and without this system than it does with tearing it down or moving back to Africa or parceling out a portion of the United States for Blacks only.

My son takes for granted black intelligence and success because we make a point to educate him that whites are not naturally more intelligent that Blacks, and that Blacks aren't necessarily more athletically gifted than whites. We educate him against stereotypes. We educate him to avoid exploitation and to resist injustice. And yes, we educate him that this is not, and should not be, a color-blind society. We educate him to be aware of that reality and to respect cultural differences.

Under white supremacy, there is no true respect for cultural differences. For example, there's a resistance to multi-cultural education. Under white supremacy, "white is right" is what is taught. And no, it may not be so obvious as that specific statement. But, in looking beneath and behind the code words, that is the message.

Black nationalism, in general, is about equal footing and justice. And the reason for resistance to the philosophy is that in bringing about equality, i.e. balance, there may some white loss to nonwhite gain. And when there's that resistance, there's white supremacy. Human nature not to want to lose? Sure. But the historical means of acquisition occurred because of hundreds of years of oppression and suppression.

The apparatus and infrastructure can remain intact if you eliminate domination/subordination and inject fairness and balance. And not the Fox News version of it either.

Good discussion.

DeAngelo Starnes said...

Dave, I LOVE the issue of deconstructing Black Nationalism. It is a VERY fertile ground for discussion. I wish Tavis would adopt it for his annual "State of Black America" group masturbation. Keep it going in the future, but don't make it an annual event.

DeAngelo Starnes said...

^Let's make it happen more frequently.

Undercover Black Man said...

More frequently sounds good. These are ideas I haven't discussed with other people in years... I guess with our mutual friend Thomas Stanley. And even then we didn't break out the surgical tools.

Now I feel like going as deep as anybody else wants to go.

DeAngelo Starnes said...

^ I LOVE it! Count me in. Thomas Stanley is my brother. That would make my day. Let's do surgery.

Anonymous said...

It is a myth that white people in America or for that matter in the world are living a privledged life.
It seems to be exactly the opposite. If you are white you must "fend" for yourself. Look around people! If you are white you work hard from morning till night trying to take care of your family. No one ever even thinks that a white person needs any type of help - financilly, emotionally, or whatever. Yeah there is a small minority of people who have clawed there way out of a hole but it is just that a small minority. I think that an African American or any other minority race is totally misguided.
It is very hard being white. Everyone expects so much from you -AND IF YOU ARE WHITE YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN - whether you succeed or fail it is solely up to yourself. There is no safety net that is offered to people of color. Again I say look around - there is no evil race. I do believe though that there is evil in this world. And yes certain people seem to be doing most of the controlling. But it is not white people. It is greedy people of all colors controlling all of us. And believe it or not I actually think that African Americans have an advantage over White Americans. I belong to a very racially mixed church and what I envy most about African Americans is their sense of togetherness. When you are African American you are who you are. You can not hide behind White skin and pretend you have it all together. White people do not have it altogether - they have just become good at pretending they do.

Anonymous said...

I must add the following.
You say that English as a language was imposed upon you. Come on now! English is technically only a language from the U.K. What about all the other White languages. There are no supremacists! Go to any average neighborhood and everyone - white, black, brown, yellow - whatever - everyone is just trying to get through this life.
And I must add that yes in recent history African Americans were slaves - the whole idea of owning another human being is a concept I cannot get a hold of. But every race throughout history has been beaten down - actually I think that injustice for native Americans is greater than any other group of people throughout history.
We need new leaders, new thought, new government.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to chime in with some points that I don't think anyone's made yet. I don't think that Black Nationalists are doing anything bad by trying to instill a sense of racial pride. The main problem as I see it is the seperatist attitude that these groups seem to inspire. How effective would an all black anti-slavery movement have been? How effective would an all black civil rights movement have been? Not very effective at all. Assuming that, in general, black people are one of the poorest groups by race, you have to ask yourself how effective is it for black people to try to improve their economic situation without cooperating with more affluent racial groups? I mean, how well are you going to be able to work with white people if you think they are somehow conspiring to oppress your entire race?

Anonymous said...

White men ARE (for the most part) guilty of the greatest evils committed throughout history, especially short white men. They lack
natural rythem and soul, and as such, only know violence and aggression towards men of color, who are naturally more fit, attractive, and in touch with nature. Long story short, white men ruined the World, PERIOD. Any white man who disagrees with this is in the greatest state of denial. The good white men of the World openly embrace more soulful, colorful cultures, and readily denounce the evils of their race.

Anonymous said...

White men ARE (for the most part) guilty of the greatest evils committed throughout history, especially short white men. They lack
natural rythem and soul, and as such, only know violence and aggression towards men of color, who are naturally more fit, attractive, and in touch with nature. Long story short, white men ruined the World, PERIOD. Any white man who disagrees with this is in the greatest state of denial. The good white men of the World openly embrace more soulful, colorful cultures, and readily denounce the evils of their race.

Wow and you are very racist. I am a Native American and I know Blacks and Whites. And I can say that the Blacks I know are far more racist than any of the whites I know.

My people had a far more raw deal then the blacks but you dont see us crying about it and calling all whites evil.

This is the most racist blog I have read in a long time. You scream that people are racist when you all should look in a mirror.

White man made those cars you like to drive, radios for your rap, tv for your movies and discovered electricity which makes your air conditioner work. Yet all that he has done all you say he does is evil?

Oh I forgot your people claim all inventions was made by blacks now to? lol

Dont be racist.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Reason Why Middle Easterners Do Not Have Their Own Race Category:

The primary reason why Middle Easterners do not have their own Racial Classification as they should be having is because:

The West and the fake "Jews" in Israel, all of whom are really Europeans/Whites want to kill off all the Middle Easterners for their oil. Then pump it into Israel and later run pipelines through Europe, and across the Atlantic Ocean into America. This is why they let India get a false label of "Asian" while lumping Middle Easterners as "White". Because White people killing "White" people isn't racist! lol. Nice try assholes! India people are racially Middle Easterner just like the Middle Easterners are. But they have no oil, or anything left to steal, so they're now "Asians". Hahahaha. Whereas, Middle Easterners (Middle East and North India/Pakistan) at least the ones with a lot of oil, have so much resources to steal that when they go to kill them, and steal their oil and gold, it will be ok, because they're "White people". Middle Easterners are NOT White people, but they are Caucasians. Therefore they deserve their OWN Racial Classification of 'Middle Eastern'. So they are a racially protected minority in the wrath of Western Expansionist Fascism. But that will never happen, because Whites want to kill off the oil-rich Middle Eastern nations and steal their oil! In the end, the West will collapse and all Whites/Europeans will be

Anonymous said...

"White Civilization" and "White Technology" was NOT developed or invented by Whites/Edomites. The Middle East in the ancient world is the original and FIRST IDENTICAL BLUE PRINT of "Western White Civilization" today. The first superpower with everything the West has today, (since the West copied them) was the Parthian Empire, which stretched from where the Euphrates River all the way to where North India is today. During the Colonial Era, Whites hijacked all the technology they have today from what is the Middle East and India today. Then imported all that in their White nations, under a fascist implementation of required learning for their own White people. Also Christianity and the Bible originates from the Middle East and India, when they were the Parthian-Scythian-Mede and Elamite 'Parthian Empire'. Everything the White West has today is what they copied from the Parthian Empire. For which they FALSELY credit "Greco-Roman Civilization" to. After they hijacked many of the principles of machines, aeronautics, rocket propulsion, turbine engines, piston engines (reverse pumps operating on compression of combustible fuels), city planning, mathematics, physics, chemistry from the lands today we call Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India all BS-created "nations" by the Colonial Era White criminals, where Parthia broke up into many nations. By that time, the West/Edomites mass-produced all the technology they stole/copied from the Middle East/Egypt/India, and called it "theirs". They made sure to use the weapons sections of the machinery concepts they copied from the Parthian Empire, against the people of the Middle East and India, reducing them into a "3rd World" today. But at the same time, they did this to encourage all the Indian and Middle Eastern Scientists to emigrate out of those lands and either work for or set up shop in White nations. Promoting those White nations total production output, by getting Middle Eastern and Indian scientists to create technology in White nations. The White Race as in Edomites are exactly what the Bible claims them to be: A race hated by God, deceivers, robbers, frauds, used to play the part of Satan on earth, but for a limited amount of time. Up until about these last days, when the NWO is put into place, the entire White Race will suddenly come under war and all destroy each other: "The Devil (Edomites/Whites) bring the Beast (NWO/One World Government/Planetary Global Government/Beast Computer in Belgium now tracks EVERY PIECE of electronic information on Earth/Unifications of Nations into Unions) with wrath because they know their time is short, (White/Edomite Race is ending), but the Devil (White Race/Edomites)is cast into the Lake Of Fire (Nuclear War/Thermonuclear Fires and Nuclear Winds) for their time is short on earth. Sticking to theme of this Blog, "Are White people inherently evil?" Of course they are. But it's no ones job to go after them. Just know that they are deceivers, liars, and frauds. They, like their father Satan cannot make you do anything. They only set the stage, so you might fall into their trap(s). He that haveth ears and eyes, now hear and see this: Ignore the mainstream, turn of the TV, know that Government is a liar, directly or indirectly controlled by these Devils, stay on the narrow gate, stay out of the world and focus on your spiritual (Biblical), technical (science, engineering, innovational and organizational) skills, and keep research-minded. Give thanks to the Lord God everyday, for all of your great works and accomplishments are His works through you. Be humble, focus on skills, education, experience applying it and focus on knowledge and document your studies. If you keep on this narrow gate, you will not be deceived by Satan (White Race/Edomites), you will escape their Matrix of Lies and Deception.
We are very close to the End Times, as in the End of the White Race's Time, this is the time when they are to be cast off this planet for good. But before this happens, this world will be full of deception, lies, false digital media made on computers, seeming like they are "live" and real "news". Eventually Tribulation and WW III will come about. Be careful and know that, the only reason Whites have everything they do is because of deception, lies, fraud, exploitation. They have stolen and copied everything they have from the 23 other races on earth. The Mark of Cain is the lack of the hormone Melanin as in white skin. God has been very generous to even give everyone a sign of who Satan is. Satans are all over the place, Whites are everywhere. Their spirit is a wicked Edomite spirit, they are so cursed they have been spiritually blinded. So don't expect them to understand anything. Whites are just pawns of God set up by God to play the part of Satan on earth, but for a short time. They used to be in slavery most of their time on earth, up until the 1400's when they escaped out of the Beast (Europe). Old World Order became New World Order, when the Beast (Europeans) escaped their slavery, some 550 years ago. From that point on, all they have done is stolen and hijacked everything, including Christianity from the Middle East. Started wars and genocides, brought forth much evil and wickedness to the world. And lay claim on it everything they've stole, whether technical or spiritual. Although they have NO SPIRITUAL and NO TECHNICAL connections to it all, and can't understand it, even if they try to. That is why Whites import other races on top of that, after ruining their nations, to have them come over here, and help them build technology, or teach the Bible and Spiritual Truths Even then these Edomite Devil Whites can't understand anything and aren't satisfied. It is because they are CURSED by God, their lacking the hormone Melanin, which links the Spiritual-Technical to humans from God, is MISSING in these White Edomites, hence their skin is White. Modern DNA Genetics now prove everything in the Bible as 100% TRUE, and in no other "holy book". That is because human authors and works were NOT behind the Bible, as was God, the Angels and above human beings. It was given to non-Whites, the Bible was. It was for them to understand the truths since they were spiritually connected to God as well. Also to teach them that the Whites are the Devils. This is another reason Whites stole the Bible from the Middle East, so fewer people would be more aware of who the real evil is on earth, that being Whites/Edomites. Whites have never ever obeyed and followed anything in the Bible, as they have promoted Witchcraft and Satanism disguised as "Christianity". DON'T EVER FORGET THIS!!! Whites can't understand the Bible, they are spiritually not connected to it. They only hijacked it, so non-Whites would be less-aware of the fact that the White Race/Edomites are Satan on earth. Modern Geneticists were so enthused with their human genome project, now it has been completed and they are upset. Because it validates everything the Bible says as true, and puts the White Race in the category of defective. This is why you don't hear about The Human Genome Project as much as you once did, they're scared now!, lol. The Hormone Melanin circulates through the bloodstream and gives dark hair, eyes and skin. It is these people with Melanin either a good amount of it to a lot of it, who started all civilization and science/technology plus were given the spiritual truths as well. Science, Technology and the Bible all came from Egypt, The Middle East and India. This once known the great and mighty Parthian Empire. The cursed people are the ones who lack the Hormone Melanin, and because of that, they are white-skinned albinos who also have calcified pineal glands in their brains. They [Whites] are a horribly cursed people, which God set up to play the part of Satan on Earth. This is why they erased all the truthful history, changed all the names of everything, hijack, stole and copied everything from all the other races, mass-produced it as "theirs" and then used it all to oppress everyone else. Even their medicine is 'autistic' and compartmentalized to the point that the big picture is left out and only separate histological sections being viewed as "separate" is their "medicine". When it is supposed to be incorporated all as one, to get the total benefits. Their medical "industry" is primitive, while appearing "high-tech", and is again more about making their Elites rich, not making people healthier. Only other autistic and cursed Whites think it's even real medicine, even though everyone else is healthy compared to Whites. Also, all the other races could have easily done the evils of the White Race, even exterminated the White Race long ago, when Whites were all slaves. But they did not do that, and allowed them to carry on their existence. But the Whites are not like that, they want what everyone has, will copy it, steal it, cause genocides and wars to get it, then mass-produce it, call it "theirs" (even though most Whites can't even build that technology or even fix it, they'll hire other races to come built, fix and engineer it for them), then Whites will take the credit for all that, as "theirs" and put their names on those products, with their companies and sit back with all the money, and claim they are "superior". That's all the Whites are: technically unskilled, deceivers, money-mongers, warmongers and frauds. Even many White workers are doing menial jobs, with an East Indian, Persian, Turkish, Chinese and Japanese people, all of whom are born and raised in White nations, but are the technical advisors and master foremen for the Whites. This proves that Whites are nothing but the cursed cave-dweller slaves and imbeciles they were created to be, for their terrible sins in the ancient world toward God. I am making a stern message toward all non-Whites and Ethnic peoples, to ignore all White people and know that your ancestors pioneered all of what we call the modern world today. Because White Elites fear these truths from getting out, they demonize non-Whites, erase truthful history, contaminate the education centers with false doctrines, all to passively blot out the truth, hoping Whites and non-Whites alike will believe it. But you non-Whites have a spiritual-technical connection to God. The high or higher levels of the Hormone Melanin is your mark and identity being of God. You just have to make a choice to ignore the White Lies and obey and accept God into your hearts. Acceptance in spiritual faith of Yeshua into your spirit-mind. The mind is the spirit by the way. If you voluntarily accept God through Yeshua, BY YOURSELF, ALONE FROM THE PRESENSE ALL OTHER PEOPLE, speaking outloud alone to the Spiritual World, and accept Yeshua, He will come into your spirit-mind and open your eyes and make you see. You will come OUT of this Matrix of Lies and Deception set up by Satan (White Race/Edomites) and be free. You will escape all the tricks and see things for what they are. God now is the process of putting the Whites back into slavery and exterminating most of them in the process. Just remember the Edomites/Whites are the enemies of the 23 other races on earth. They even go so far as to lump all 24 races into just four or five races, to shut out the truth, just because they hijacked most of the money and wealth in the world through their power elite. But nothing is higher than God, God only lets this go on, as a stern warning to non-Whites, as to NEVER tolerate or believe a word any White person says. But at the same time, show respect, speak politely and be a good citizen too. Also known as 'Benign Disregard'. God only allowed Satan (White Race) to do all they have done, as to test non-Whites to see if they would obey the Word and display Benign Disregard towards the Whites. But God also appointed Satan (Whites) to rule the world for no less than one of His days (1000 years), more like in the realm of 570 years at the most. We're right at that point now!: 1450 - 2018 is about 568 years. Just remember all the technology white people "have" is not theirs. It, even today is massively controlled by non-Whites developing all technology for Whites. But this will change when all the great East Indian, Persian, Chinese, Japanese and Ethnic Russian Scientists who are either Americans and British people now, running the Space Program for NASA and the UK Division of that too, take their own sub-contractor companies and turn it against the White Elite, lowering them back into slaves. This is happening as we speak. So if you are a White Person reading this, the question for you is: Are you ready to go back into slavery or be put to death soon? Well ready or not, one of two of those events awaits you very soon. You are of your father the devil, the father of lies, deception, theft, fraud, lies and iniquities is your nature. For you shall receive the fate of your father Satan accordingly: Cast in the Lake of Fire, i.e. nuclear war and be eliminated. Edomites are inherently evil, but that's how God made them to be. So no point in fighting with these devils and engaging in conflict, since all people who get caught up in this conflict white or not shall receive the wrath of God. Be polite and respectful, but know that God created Whites to play the part of Satan on earth, for just a short limited amount of time, before He destroys them through nuclear war (Lake of Fire) or puts them into slavery. So there's no need to be hateful or anything, God hates White people period! Leave it at that. But just ignore everything and anything these White people say and do, they're not even real. If all the other 23 races did that, not even spoke to any White person, then you will never give them permission to take over your nations and worlds, and you would have never allowed them to gain all the technology they stole today. Non-whites, being truly more intelligent and innovative than any White person, just have to stop being so nice. Let them suffer, it's not your problem. If they need some help or want to "propose" something, just keep your mouth shut, do not speak to them. Unless you own your own engineering or technical company and they are your customers requiring technical or engineering work, then you'll speak with them as if you would speak with your customers, only as a skilled professional. But everything else they say or propose, completely IGNORE! Lest you don't get tricked and deceived by another one of their schemes. You see, Whites/Edomites don't even know they are evil, they were just created evil. Scorpions don't even think they are doing anything bad when they sting or bight something. This is all the Whites are. Ignore them, none of them will come on your property, since they know they can be legally shot. But you don't associate with any of them, I mean they don't even know they are evil and stupid people. That's pretty bad. Some of them do and actually believe in God, they're the exception, just a few. But it's actually something to compliment, when a White person says they don't believe in God. That makes sense, since their true father is Satan. Don't make a big deal about anything I have said. Is stating that a scorpion is wicked and evil, a bad thing to say? Of course not! It is just a fact. Same with this. But no one ever told you to go and associate with these White Edomite Satans. Just keep to yourself, study, read books, read the Bible, focus on your engineering and technical skills, mind your own business when in the world, ignore and speak not to any White person, aside from business and professional activities. Then you'll be fine, you'll never get in any of their snares, traps and webs. Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

are white people inherently evil? YES, can you read and see?

Anonymous said...

I mean no offense, but how much time do you (Undercover Black Man) spend around white people? Is every single white person evil to the core? I think the problem is that the most immoral white people are the ones who are cold and heartless enough to make it to positions of power. Then they use their ability to do widespread evil. But I do not believe every white is evil.

Anonymous said...

White people? Who are white people? Are they like black people? You know? You get black Africans, blacks that are Asian ( Indians etc) as well as other black folk all around the world. Would you lump them all in one pot and catagorize them simply on the basis of their blackness? Of course not. The Indian and the African are as far apart as any two races on this planet. And so it is with white people.
The Aryan white race and the Jew, who hides within the this group, claiming "whiteness" when it suits him, but proclaiming his jewishness when he sees fit, is the evil within the "white" race. Please understand the difference.

Anonymous said...

anonymous i love u. i was in pain for so long. u healed it.!.

now im not goin to stress juz let god fix the mess;)

<3 a2f

Anonymous said...

I did not say All white people are evil. I said that white people ruined the world. Who invented weapons of mass destruction? Who set out in big boats and used the Bible as a vehicle of conquest? Who split the atom? Who instituted mass segregation, apartheid, dispossesion of tribal peoples from their homelands, the Holocaust? Consider these disgusting regimes: Rome, England, Spain, Portugal, Nazi-Germany, the U.S.A., South Africa: ALL EUROPEAN!!!!! And hey: surprise, surprise, I am half white, 25% black and 25% Shawnee Indian. The truth hurts, and it often pisses people off who have trouble coping with it. Africans, Native Americans, Asians and Aboriginal Australians did not show up on the shores of Europe and say "We're taking your savage asses over!" No. Europeans did it to the rest of the World, PERIOD. The legacy of Europe is a bloodstained one, and I at least (descendant of Scotland, Ireland and France) can admit it. Anyway, the Browning of the Planet CANNOT BE stopped: in about a thousand years, WE'RE ALL GONNA BE PEOPLE OF COLOR! Thank God!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and one more thing! The idiot talking about ignoring white people, and jew this jew that is a moron to the core. Ignoring people is NOT the way to get your message across: people must be confronted with the truth and engaged with activism, and if peace and undertsnding are born from such, then God's will is done. Although I am aware of the crimes of white people, I am equally aware of the MANY whites who have spent their lives laboring for the benefit of other races: too many to mention. Still, the fact remains that the World 2day is run by powerful, militant white men. But like I said, the Browning of the Planet is coming, HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Amen to that. As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end. We all started out black, and that's how we'll all end up eventually! Go head, Mr. 3breed anonymous: Kudos 2 you!

Anonymous said...

I love it. I am a evil white person, working minimum wage and unleashing aids onto the world. I suppose someone just forgot to fill me in on my role to be a racist white supremest. I was just too busy trying to make lines meet. But ill get to my evilness asap. "bahaha"

Anonymous said...

"I did not say All white people are evil. I said that white people ruined the world. Who invented weapons of mass destruction? Who set out in big boats and used the Bible as a vehicle of conquest? Who split the atom? Who instituted mass segregation, apartheid, dispossesion of tribal peoples from their homelands, the Holocaust? Consider these disgusting regimes: Rome, England, Spain, Portugal, Nazi-Germany, the U.S.A., South Africa: ALL EUROPEAN!!!!! And hey: surprise, surprise, I am half white, 25% black and 25% Shawnee Indian. The truth hurts, and it often pisses people off who have trouble coping with it. Africans, Native Americans, Asians and Aboriginal Australians did not show up on the shores of Europe and say "We're taking your savage asses over!" No. Europeans did it to the rest of the World, PERIOD. The legacy of Europe is a bloodstained one, and I at least (descendant of Scotland, Ireland and France) can admit it. Anyway, the Browning of the Planet CANNOT BE stopped: in about a thousand years, WE'RE ALL GONNA BE PEOPLE OF COLOR! Thank God!!!!!"

Ok, bad facts. Poor argument. Lets go into history lessons for racist close minded people then shall we. We'll go ahead and start with white people. You have some great examples there so I wont waste my breath. Now to hit every other races genocides. Native Americans. The Aztecs. They just decided to take over every other country, use the natives from the other villages as sacrifices/cannibalism/slavery and to basically do all their work. Nom nom nom.
Next Asians. Han Dynesty. Lets talk about a dynasty that killed over 50% of their own population and put village leaders heads on spikes to stop people from individualistic thinking. Japan.
We have a society in the medieval ages where if you didnt bow low enough to a samurai much less lord your head went rolling.

Africa- Tribal warfare since the dawn of society. Sounds so much different than atomic bombs and hallocausts. Not to mention Egyptian slavery etc etc etc

What you should be saying is human kind is inherently selfish and evil, right? Well done argument. The only important point here is... THAT CANADA AND AUSTRALIA ARE THE ONLY COUNTRIES THAT HAVE NOT COMMITTED SOME KIND OF ATROCITY good ole white folks and native aussies

Anonymous said...

Black people work? LOL Not where I live.

Anonymous said...

African Americans with this type of knowledge need to hold self enrichment global seminars or a self enrichment online course to educate our people. This type of education is worth more than gold or the so called American dream. This is the heritage that the Old Testament speaks of leaving to our people. When the white devils took us from Africa, divided us and sent us to foreign lands, they though that they were dividing and conquering us, but GOD has a master plan and his plan was to populate us around the world and one day we would regain our truthful status that was stolen from us by the white devils (that race is now the minority)…today we are in every nation on this planet…the African Diaspora is the largest population of people on this planet (let’s keep on procreating)…forget the American population, we live in a global community. The African Diaspora is larger than the population of China with its 56 or 57 ethnic groups and languages and also larger than the West Asian Indian population even if you count their population outside of those countries. While the white devil was using us, GOD was using him. While the white devil thought he was dividing and conquering us, GOD was securing our position for his master plan. While the white devil thinks that he is superior, we know that there is only one supreme GOD and he is the best of planners.

WHEN YOU WANT EVIL TO GO AWAY, YOU MUST DECLARE IT AS SO, THROUGH A POWER GREATER THAN YOURSELF. That OMNIPOTENT POWER gave you a mind, remember the wizard of oz…there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, she kept chanting. Just repeat after me…THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS WHITE SUPREMACY, YOU ARE FOREVER POWERLESS AND NOW DOOMED TO HELL, when we chant this mantra like the old King statement…“Free at last, free at last…thank God almighty I’m free at last”, watch what happens to the “good ol boys” network, it will forever burn up and be as nothing. Again, listen to me very carefully, when the world of non white people (the African Diaspora, Arabians, Chinese, Indians, Mexicans, Spanish and every other non white nation) start to rise up and chant these words over and over just like the old Negro hymns, the so-called white supremacy will burn away along with all of its evil. Remember, Pharaoh…he thought that he was going to lower Moses position and end up lowering his own position. The so-called “white supremacy” will be a history of world education that will one day be taught in every elementary, high school and university on this planet, every religion will teach to their followers the dangers of supremacy, evilness and a superiority complex…it is the fall of man that leads to self destruction, “white supremacy”. These people thought they were bigger than GOD, but GOD is the master planner and the believers put there trust in him. GOD tells us to resist the devil and he shall flee.

PS. White Americans are adopting Ethiopian children by the thousands…Ethiopia is the only country that was not “slave-nized…colonized by white people”, we need to be very watchful, they are doing this for evil reasons, Ethiopia is one of the largest countries in the continent of Africa ABOUT 75 MILLION PEOPLE and they are trying to get closer to the oil fields of the middle eastern countries as well as the oil and mineral fields on the African continent by trying to twenty first century “colonize the last place in Africa”, we need to call upon the Omnipotent GOD to devour there plans and save those children before they lose their rich and beautiful heritage, they are trying to remove them from their heritage just as they did us. Take a look at the international adoption agencies websites for Ethiopia, the pictures are there, all white families adopting black children. Let’s save those children…anytime white people get a hold of something or put there two cents into it, they taint it, destroy the original beauty, claim it as their original land or they destroy it and then we have to rebuild from ashes…remember bricks without straw. DON’T LET HISTORY REPEAT IT SELF THROUGH ETHIOPIA.

Anonymous said...

This so called white supremacy is just brain washing. I have visited Asian countries and in the malls and along the road sides you see large advertisements with white people trying to look like they are Chinese. Their advertisements are in all the malls and along the streets. Mainly blue eyes and blonde hair types of people who are advertising beauty, western style clothing and trying to give an image of a superior nature, you see advertisements with the white man or woman as a superior figure and the Chinese man or woman as an inferior figure. They are really trying hard to take over the entire world, but we know this will not happen. It’s terrible that they don't realize it though.

Anonymous said...

"There ain't no universal brotherhood of white folks. There ain't no universal brotherhood of black folks neither. White folks were killing each other for fun and profit for thousands of years before they got around to Africa. Africans, starting out behind in the slaughter-your-own-kind sweepstakes, are doing an excellent job of catching up." An excerpt from Odecoileus (Well written)

We "started out behind" because homicide was not a general part of our nature - unlike other peoples. We have addopted the slaughter-whomever-you-want (to borrow your writing style) culture from other influences in a relitively recent time in terms of the history of man.

Anonymous said...

I am a white male of Native American Descent and am very proud of my native american ancestry and yes, white men are evil. Christianity and Monotheistic religions made man evil.Especially the white man. Blacks have been lied to because of the White man's religion. Islam is not a black man's religion. Black people in africa believe in spirituality of their ancestors and of nature just like Native Americans do.
White people are arrogant,pompous, dangerous, destructive,vicious,abhorring,nasty,controlling,demanding,selfish,egotistical.

Poor White people wanna been rich white people and some black wanna be rich too. But wealth is not what we should strive for. We should strive for happiness and peace, and love.
Unfortunately it doesn't always work this way.

To all Whites who don't like being white and don't feel their soul is white, good for you. Keep understanding the richness of other cultures,languages,cuisines,etc.
Stop being white culturally. Religion, Consumerism, Materialism.
Join the Indigenous peoples, live for living, believe in the sacredness of life. The earth is sacred,land is sacred.
Respect those around you. Stop the pompous,arrogant,superiority attitude and you'll gain the respect in return.

Anonymous said...

The previous poster starts off really awkward, but then he brings up some great points.

Anonymous said...

However, the Anonymous commenter with the ridiculous rambling about "edomites" needs to go outside a bit more.

Anonymous said...

Read this article on the concept of "race"...

Anonymous said...

I am living in canada..(white) and got this info from someone in Virginia (black) - well the shoe fits where it fits....just look around in the world..I didnt make that call..its Evident in Society...yet just like Slavery....not all white people are Evil...and if you searched thru history u will see how they didnt have a History until the Greeks 500bc and Romans in 200bc...and at that time they were just learning the Ancient World while destroying Factual Evidence about it as well...No Caucasian is a Descendant to Abraham...I'm Sorry its just the Truth...Abraham was a Blackman....and even the Sicilians in Italy dont claim their black blood they have from when the Moors came into Italy and Fucked all those white Gals and had thousands of Mulatto the italians hate it when you say they have mixed the mission was to make GOD appear white...thats why u see the white Jesus and the white Mary....while in Rome they have the Black Madonna and say they not Wack...yet to say they are the Master Decievers is the Truth...yet all white people are not Evil...yet attention to the World...I'm far from a Racist...yet when u tell it how it is...its quite Harsh...The 11 Son's of Canaan (who was the son of Ham..who was the Son of Noah) Canaan came out as a Albino and moved up into the Caucas Mountains...he had 11 Children by the Caucasians that were already up in the Mountains...took on many wives and his childrens children were Monsters (evil as Fuck)...they Pillaged villages and raped Black Women that were living in Civilization and took them back up into the Mountains to Mate with when Abraham finally made it up into the Mountains he was attempting to civilize those who were ready to leave that Savage life and become Civilized....many stayed and those that left were called the Jebusites (not such people exist as that)...and they became the Amorites, Hittites, Sidionites etc...the undermining of the History of a People is what they to tell the Truth now is to Reclaim A Identity that was stripped from u and somebody else placed theirself in that position and claimed it as their own...because Black Folks was Desecrated and Destroyed between they years of 200 bc-700ad until Islam paved the way for a new Insight towards GOD...then the Pale Arabs played the Same game the Caucasians played which was Making Islam not a Religion for Africans yet a Controlling Devise to subject the people...Prophet Muhammed was a Abyssian Ethiaopian and his Bloodline was with the Shite Muslims and the Pale Arabs (once they killed off his Bloodline) created the Sunni Muslims as a way to Raise them up a New Kaliph (Successor) thus the war in Islam was for the True Bloodline...and the Shites lost Power...and Arabian racisim arouse just as the Caucasians allowed it to arise within there Physce as well....

Leishtek said...

White Global Supremacy? Against blacks? How about...against the entire human race. Consider this: 1)Whites tried to turn Asia into an opium growing region, they were kicked out by the Chinese & Japanese (more than twice!) 2)The Vietnam war was another race-baiting by anti-Communists who simply wanted a reason to kill Asians & poor black/white men. That ended up costing them (the rich, White industrialists) some of their own, plus billions of dollars. 3)After trying slavery against their own people (Google on 'indentured servitude'), whites gave us and found the hardest working, easiest to boss around people they could: the Africans. To this day, the white man still believes he own the African continent to do with as he pleases.
The white soul is obsessed with power(through money is one way) and not much else. There is no love in the white man's heart. Even toward the white woman. Read The Bible, it will tell you everything you need to know about the first man (a white fool named Adam) on planet Earth. Will the white man also be the last one left? Perhaps. All alone, to wonder why he screwed everything up and blamed it all on Eve.

Anonymous said...

I do not believe that all white people are evil; however, I do believe that some of them think they do own the world. Why? I cannot begin to determine where, in their inferiority of running affairs, they have come to that conclusion. I am white, and yet I see. What the h-ll is wrong with these people? War, greed, destruction, and then the air of superority, as if it was something to be proud of. I am not evil as a Caucasian, but I am very concerned about the attitude of some white people. Where they determined this, I do not know. I do know this; we are capable of much better of what we are doing here on earth.

Anonymous said...

It is funny how you people twist the bible and reality. It never mentions skin color in the bible. That is left up to the reader.

Indians and Jews are hairy. Asians and Samoans are hairless. So Esau could have been a jew or middle easterner... you guys are pathetic. Just start your attack already and get mowed down.

Andrew said...

What i understand about Debra Dickerson's comment about being white and privileged is that someone or something has to give you privilege its a form of permission so that someone or something is the god of this system Satan The Devil.and he is called in the bible Master of Deception!

Anonymous said...

Black man has always try his best to get along with white man but white man don't want that. And so black man should just say, fuck this shit.

JessBell said...

Wow I'm not sure how this became biblical but it is amazing to see just how many opinions there are out in the world about black and white I respect everyones opinions and this entire conversation blew my mind,much to think about much to read.

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